Monday, February 7, 2011

Suddenly Sketches

I wanted to put these up before I over thought them and decided not to put them up. Yes, my sketchbook is green, despite what some people think, I don't find it a problem because I almost strictly use pen to draw in my book and so colours can never be thrown off.

Anyway, I thought these would be neat to upload because first, you can see how I design outfits. Yes, not very exciting... also... messy. Anyway, the reason I wanted to show you this is because in the last couple months I have had a couple people come to me and talk to me about their characters' clothing. Personally, designing outfits for characters is one of my favourite fun things to draw. I can just do it for hours. So, I took it upon myself to help these people (and their characters) out, they didn't complain and actually liked my end results. This is one I did today, his outfit was pretty simple for me because he is a pretty casual dresser. I barely used reference for a change.

This second one is a sequential set, but I didn't frame most of them, which is normal for me. Still, it's been a while since I did this and they usually don't get this long. There is no dialogue for you, but I know the conversation they are having. Don't worry about it.

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