Sunday, October 17, 2010

Links to cool places


For a change in pace I have some cool links to various art places. Thanks goes out to A-2 for not only chatting with me for like, 3-4 hours, but also linking me to these cool blogs. What a champ!

First, this little video I found inspirational:
Sure, there isn't anything really technical going on there, but it left me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Next is this funtastic wealth of background images from animated shows:
Which I only had time to glance through, but saw some Warner Bros. stuff so I immediately think it's gonna be cool. You can definitely feel the fact that these layouts were for staging characters in front for animation. I hope to find more time to look through it.

Now, I think most of my colleagues will know this link, but heck let's just share it again:
It kind of speaks for itself, it's the art of Glen Keane. Ya, I should spend more time reading through this too, the guy is pretty frigging amazing.

Finally there is this blog, which by the way updates practically every SINGLE DAY. Yeah, I don't know how he does it either, but the guy is amazing. You may know James Gurney from his work on Dinotopia, but his posts here vary into a wide rage of topics:

Anyway, other that that I have been drawing, but meh, this should keep you busy for a while.


Monday, October 4, 2010

This Week

I didn't really have time to draw, I was stressing over animation applications. I did get a test sent away today though so let's hope my efforts bear fruit.

Hope everyone is doing well. Later!

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