Sunday, November 14, 2010

Been Missing

I haven't made a post since I moved to Toronto. Sorry about that, but there has been a lot of adjusting to do and so I haven't had much time to draw actually.

My internship position goes well, I'm two weeks in and I can honestly say I'm learning a heck of a lot. It never ceases to amaze meat how much work goes into making an animated series. There are so many steps I just didn't know about and so many little things you have to watch. My supervisor is really cool, I love how much she is will to explain to me. That reminds me, I didn't realize how much I had forgotten about Maya till I got this position. There are so many technical, simple things I just forgot where they were or just forgot entirely what to do. I alway try to remind myself to ask even if I feel like I'm going to look like an idiot because I did warn them I didn't know anything about layout for 3D, needless to say, they haven't complained yet. I hope this week goes even more smoothly, I would like to get less retakes since it would be a sign I was improving.

Since I haven't been doing much art, I don't have a lot to post, but I have been going through old sketches of mine and just playing around with colouring them. Also, yesterday I drew up something and tried to be more painterly and sketchy with it at the same time so the line work was done on the same layer as the painting so some of the colour overlaps the line work. It's been something I wanted to try for a while. I hope to play with it more.

Oh, and I bought a new sketchbook since I lost my other one. This new one is where I plan to do water colour work since I decided I really would like to pick that up again. I just find it very stressful to start a painting since I feel like I have no idea how to water colour paint... Ah well, practise, practise.

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