Monday, November 9, 2009

Grey's progression

Posted a new image up on my Deviant art and noticed I had a few progression shots laying in my Photobucket. I was just gonna delete them but I asked around and there was some vague interest in seeing them so there ya go. Also, totally easy post that makes me feel like I'm using this blog.

These last two look similar because they are. I was gonna have more detail on the mane and leave it like that, but after looking at it as asking around, I ended up reverting back to the original idea. It doesn't hurt to test things out though.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay, second post in one day. Whoa!

Ha ha, well it's just now I have some time to actually go through my stuff and find things to upload, maybe speak about.

That last post down there, let me make some mentions. It's on old printer paper from, I dunno, the early 90s or something. Anyways, it's that and a good ol fashion 0.5 mechanical pencil and a HB 2 pencil. Nothing fancy at all! It's turning out really good and I still don't regret using these seemingly lame materials. When it's done I'll be putting it up on my DA for all to see.

More to the point of these post, I noticed I haven't posted anything for a month or something. Whooops, I didn't notice at all! I dunno why that is. So, below I shall post some things I've been up to, quality or otherwise:

In other news, I picked up the November issue of Imagine FX and am totally loving reading threw it. The Q&A always has questions I have been asking myself for a while.

Guess that's it. Later.

Working in Pencil

Been missing, but still doing stuff. Just no time to organize my thoughts to write or time to upload my stuff in an organized way.

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