Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tablet woes

So I left my tablet at my house while I went home to my parents, which was not something I chose, but this is my substitute for lacking a tablet... yes, I used my camera phone. I'm all kinds of not pleased. Anyways, I'm trying to learn to draw canines.

Enjoy your tablets over the break if you have them!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

...and so it begins.

So I finally decided to start a blog. I had been fighting with it for a while, but who wants to hear about that. Anyways I sketch a lot, so I figured you all might want a look at what rarely gets online or in my sketchbook. Also I think I secretly wanted a place where I could rant and see if anybody liked it.

Special thanks goes out to my proverbial twin for unknowing finalizing my decision. Talking to you today made me think all the way home.

Having nothing to do with this art (so you can skip this if you want), I was talking to my twin about anime today and she, luckily, was very receptive. I took her to her first convention so I once again got the pleasure of being a tour guide and explaining everything (I secretly love it). I felt I had to make a comment on the one line up we had avoided once we got into the convention. So here is my rant about voice actors, which took a tangent on the way home. First, I have no issue with voice actors, I just see no reason to wait in line to get their autographs. This has always been a loss for me, though I must confess I waited in line with my friends on many occasions for them to get things signed, but I myself have only done it once for a purpose I felt worth it. In my opinion though, someone gives voice to a character has a special (and very cool) job, but them signing something with the character's face on it doesn't make the image more special. How come you can now sell the image on ebay for more money? They touch it with their pens and now it's different? Sure they helped the character come to life (unless they suck at their job), but a person is just a person and the character you love so much is just an image. I don't think anyone, including the character designer or animators could sign an image of a character and make it any better. I love characters for their personality, which is built throughout the show, by everyone working on it, and in a way, I think that makes them their own person. Does a real person not become who they are by interacting and sometimes being guided by others in their life? So really, what's a signature in all that? Or is everyone just so caught up in the signature's dollar value or rarity that they lost the reason for liking a character in the first place?

Just my twist on it, hope it made you think (because you can apply the thought to real actors too), it tends to make my twin compliment me on my uniqueness. Apparently I have it.

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