Thursday, February 10, 2011

More of the same

Seems my boredom at work is inspiring more terribly messy story boards. I just can't help it, I need something to do to pass the time while playblasting. No one is going to know what is going on (much like the last post), but I still think it's worth sharing since I've never really bothered to make boards in my spare time before. Oh and more green, yes, I know you all love it.

Oh, and I thought I uploaded these in order, but they are actually backwards.... enjoy that.

I usually hate showing things in my sketchbook because it's a place where I lay things out and play around, but I'm finding as long as I solve the problem I am working on in the book (even if it takes five tries) then I'm okay with it. It's nice.

PS: I love using a pen, especially black ones... I stole this one from my roommate, I was just gonna borrow it, but now... he might never see it again.

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