Friday, February 19, 2010

More Sketches

This is a coloured version of the image I did for a friend of mine. She insisted it be coloured and I agreed without complaint. I think the colouring really added to the feeling I wanted and I tried to fake that copic marker feel I adore so much. Overall, it makes me smile so that's good.

Did this for someone's mascot in their thread on Gaia. I got a lot of freedom so I just played around. I dunno, it's kind of neat having the gold turn to water. Needless to say, the thread was named something along the lines of "wishing well."
This is a little something I am making for a friend by request. He is going away to film school and said he wanted something to put on his wall. I filled in the blanks, I mean, what guy doesn't like something a little sexy for his wall? Nothing outrageous, but it's been fun and perfect practise for drawing pretty women, which I used to have a lot of trouble with. Hmm, no plans to colour this, but plan to give it a comic inked feel. Drawing in all of those film reels will be annoying, but should look cool in the end.
Hmm, this was me being influenced by some rather off the wall music, no, not something I got from my old roommate. Imagine that. Anyways, I wanted to play with framing some more and I think the rabbit failed in that aspect, but I drew in a car bumper and wheel there and it looked much better. A possible art piece I think with some more tweaking. Yes, that is a nuclear explosion, no, the song had nothing to do with the images here.

These are two banner variations I made for the art challenge forum I started for my friends from college. That reminds me, if anyone else is interested, we just started so ask and I'll link you there. Please keep it to Seneca students. This didn't take too long and was really fun. It's not often I get to play with custom brushes so much so it was a real treat. It's amazing how a bunch of simple actions can result in a cool statement.

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