Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sketches this Week

Ya, I'm trying to sketch a bit before work everyday. Not that I manage all the time, but w/e it keeps me going. Also, inspired by the web comic Hanna is Not a Boy's Name; it's wicked, I love the style. I tend to want to post the prettier sketches I do, but then I realized I shouldn't be so judgmental, my Deviant art is for pretty stuff (which is why I rarely update it >.>;;;).

Some classmates might remember those cheap recycled paper sketchbooks. Ya, I just found mine so I'm filling the remaining pages. This means pen works best. This also means simple is best because you can't get gradients or details on that rough paper. Or I can't anyways. My sketches aren't very random, mostly just me trying to be simple in clothing and poses. Also, that's my work gear.

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