Monday, August 31, 2009

It's been a while...

... since I posted any of my sketches and work so this will just be a huge dump of stuff I haven't posted on Deviantart for various reasons. I think they are in order from oldest to newest. Almost all of them are requests of avatars from online so hopefully that will explain some odd costume choices. Feel free to ask me anything about them via comments.

All done in Photoshop with a tablet.


  1. I am really liking the 3rd one from the bottom.

    I like the design, i like the way its painted... overall i think its the best piece there.

    I do think his hips start a little too early.

    But otherwise good job.

  2. Cool, thanks for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind. That one was particularly fun to paint.

  3. The fox on the tree branch is my favourite one. I think it shows a lot of improvement. Keep it up Truckah!


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