Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh... February

So I missed that whole month there...

I was drawing, but also, I have an internship, which is keeping me busy. Also, I recently got to attend a life drawing session and even those my drawings turned out terribly disproportionate from lack of practise, it was refreshing to be doing it again. I'll try to post those up soon. (Did I mention my birthday is also in February?)

Other things on my plate include planning a D&D campaign and cooking meals that actually taste good and different from one another. Yes, I cook like a bachelor and I only just recently started to hate it. Hating it is motivation so hopefully I can keep trying new dishes. Some love goes out to my mother for passing some simple recipes along.


  1. Cooking, you say?

    Amanda if you want to learn to cook I can teach you anything I know :D

    1. Based on what I have seen, you know a heck of a lot. I would love to learn from you, but I'm not quite sure how to hook up and do that effectively.


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