Sunday, March 14, 2010

Working - Ashbel, plus art forum

Once again I come with a sparse update. Not much going on over here, but I have been making good progress on an animation of mine. Current time consuming art is this:

Also, opened up an art forum in hopes of getting more active and creative with my work and people from Seneca. Any past/present/future student curious to join is totally welcome as the thread isn't very active right now with only two regular members and some other classmates who stop by from time to time. You can join us in monthly art challenges, just post up work for critique, or even let us know about some cool art you saw on the net. I'm really looking forward to a tight community of students who want to share their thoughts and creativity.


  1. The forum sounds like a great idea!

    I just signed up and the monthly challenges sound like a great idea!


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