Saturday, April 18, 2009

School over forever?

So I have one week left of school, of which I will probably only be there until Wednesday... freaky. Hopefully my transition to a full time worker from a full time student will go over well. There is really no way to tell at this point.
Anyways, I plan to keep learning even if I don't have classes. I think that is an obvious course of action for an artist. You can learn from everything all the time if you really look at things. Hopefully if there are any summer courses my teachers are setting up I can get in on that.

And now something I did this morning:

Too many martial arts movies? I think not.

I'll keep working on this.


  1. I'm with you on the freaky part. But We'll be ok.

    Couldn't agree more with the martial art movies

    It looks you had a lot of fun researching foe this short:)

    nicellty done


  2. Ya, I've been rediscovering my loves besides art. Researching this wasn't even work to me.


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